India Vs Australia 2017

Who To Watch Out For Next India Vs Australia

Watch Out For Next India Vs Australia

Who To Watch Out For Next India Vs Australia: The cricket pitch will be set ablaze yet again between India and Australia in 2017. Earlier this year the two teams put out a series which proved to be highly tense and competitive, providing viewers with a very enjoyable experience. With another exciting series just around the corner, let’s take a look at some notable players from both sides of the crease.

Fresh out of the Sri Lanka series, the boys in blue seem to be in top-notch form and totally ready for the next challenge. Here are a few names Who To Watch Out For Next India Vs Australia,  are expected to perform well in the series-

Virat Kohli:-  To watch out for next India Vs Australia

India vs Sri Lanka 5th ODI 2017 Highlights

Every eye is on Virat Kohli Who To Watch Out For Next India Vs Australia. The Indian skipper has proven to be a pain for the Kiwis before. Kohli has been at the pinnacle of his form for a while now, hence making it obvious that he will be included in the list. It won be a wonder if the batsman adds another century to his tally during the series

Jasprit Bumrah:- Next to watch out for next India Vs Australia

Watch Out For Next India Vs Australia

After Virat Kohli Jasprit is one of the newcomers has placed his position on behalf of his bowling talent. Jasprit Bumrah is the one next to watch out for next India Vs Australia. He has made a fantastic recovery from his well-known failure during the Champions Trophy Finals. He returned to the pitch in top form during the India-Sri Lanka series with a staggering 15 wickets, proving to the audience that his performance then was a momentary hiccup.

Rohit Sharma

The batsman has always been the go-to answer when the team is facing the Aussies, given five of his ODI centuries out of a total of 13 was achieved in matches against them. His chemistry with the Indian skipper is a force to be revered with. With a fantastic performance in the Sri Lanka series, He is defiantly one to look out for.   

Watch Out For Next India Vs Australia

 The Aussie counterparts to the Indian boys are no joke either. The World Champions are also planning to put up a tough competition. Some notable faces to look out for are-

 Steven Smith

Watch Out For Next India Vs Australia

Just like his Indian counterpart, The Aussie skipper is also a force to look out for. His performance in the clash between the two teams earlier this year has proved that he is a formidable danger to the boys in blue. Given he has also faced many of the boys in IPL, he is well versed with the play style of the Indian squad.

Glenn Maxwell

India was the stage where Glenn 1st shot at stardom. He was scouted by the Mumbai Indians back in 2013 which gave a stage to shine. In the series earlier this year against the Indian team, Maxwell proved to be a strong asset for the Kiwis. The batsman shows promise yet again in the upcoming matches and might prove to be a tough nut for the Indian bowlers to crack.

Watch Out For Next India Vs Australia

Even besides the notable players, both the squads are is prime form and looking forward to an eventful and competitive series. Both the sides have had time to experiment and test out the chemistry between the veterans and the rookies. Many underdogs have also come in the limelight during the time the two teams were away from each other. All this will surely provide the viewers with an enjoyable series nonetheless.