India Vs Australia: Ravi Shastri Says MS Dhoni will play 2019 World Cup

MS Dhoni will play 2019 world cup

Ravi Shastri Says MS Dhoni will play 2019 World Cup: With the ICC Cricket world cup fast approaching in 2019, India’s Head coach has dismissed all doubts about the appearance of India’s World Cup winning Keeper, MS Dhoni.

MS Dhoni will play 2019 World Cup

Ravi Shashtri went out to say that rumors regarding Dhoni and his exit from International cricket following his voluntary decision of stepping down as the Indian Captain in tests, has blown out of proportion and that he will represent India behind the sticks in the next edition of ICC Cricket world cup.

Would Dhoni be able to justify expectations of a hundred billion?

Ravi, on being asked about the ability of MS Dhoni dismissed all reports about his possible drop in the form a year and a half later. He went on to praise Dhoni’s tremendous fitness levels and commitment along with his current form in the recent series against Sri Lanka.

India Vs Sri Lanka 2nd ODI 2017

Shastri also commented on Dhoni’s guidance as he brought back the prestigious trophy to India after a long drought of 28 years thus making it crystal clear that Dhoni is an irreplaceable asset to this young Indian side. It was cleary meant that MS Dhoni will play 2019 World Cup,

Why is Dhoni crucial for the Indian brigade in the Quest for the World Cup?

Mahendra Singh Dhoni, the former Indian captain in all formats of the game is a huge figure in the history of Indian cricket and here is why he is crucial for the Men in Blue in the forthcoming conquest in 2019 for the ICC World Cup. There are ample reasons why MS Dhoni should or MS Dhoni will play 2019 World Cup.

MS Dhoni Slow Motion runout Jason Holder

1. Present Form of MS Dhoni

Present Form- MS Dhoni had a brilliant time offshore against the Lankans as he scored around a hundred and sixty runs with a strike rate above 80. He also added multiple feathers to his cap by not only playing his 300thODI for India but also went on to become the first wicket-keeper in history to boast of 100 stumpings. Impressive!

2. India’s Head Coach Ravi Shastri Feedback for MS Dhoni

India’s head coach, Ravi Shastri also praised Dhoni’s level of understanding regarding the gentleman’s game and is positive that his presence and guidance can aid the Indian team and unnerve the opposition, whoever it might be.

3. Dhoni proved his worth in team India Squad

MS Dhoni Suggesting Virat Kohli

A player is judged on the basis of his current form and Dhoni proves to be right up there. Although he is climbing higher up the ladder of age, yet he has proved to be influential in every way possible. As a friend, philosopher and a guide to his younger teammates, he goes a long way to instill confidence among his fellow team members.

MS Dhoni the Captain Breed

Dhoni is the Second Indian captain to have led his team to a World Cup victory, thus his ability to take calculated risks and experience will come in extremely handy for the Indian National side.

Finally, MS Dhoni will play 2019 World Cup

Dhoni regardless of his age is well known for his cool demeanor behind the stumps and ability to read the game flawlessly. He has led India to multiple dramatic victories that only such a person can boast of.

MS Dhoni will play 2019 world cup

His capabilities as a captain, batsman, and a wicketkeeper are endless and can help any team progress through the various levels of intense knockout competition. Thus, his inclusion in the national side not only makes sense but is a must.