MS Dhoni in IPL 2018 Auction

MS Dhoni in IPL 2018 auction

MS Dhoni in IPL 2018 Auction: Veterans of cricket are expecting a huge bid when it comes to buying MS Dhoni in IPL 2018 auction and owner of team CSK would pay every cost for having Dhoni in CSK team.  By observing a massive amount of love and respect towards Dhoni from Tamilians, it is no surprise that MS Dhoni has served a lot for team CSK. Vintage Dhoni who has captained team CSK for 8 continuous seasons until it dissolved in 2016. Now, this legend’s  future has been facing many ups and downs from last 2 years. Without any question, if Dhoni goes for CSK then he will also be appointed as a captain of this team as well.

MS Dhoni in IPL 2018 auction

After a long long time, his fans finally will see soon his resurgent superhero in a captain role in IPL 2018. It will be more tempting than before to see him captaining his team on the field. He might have done deeper introspection on the field when he played without captaincy bother in this year.

MS Dhoni in IPL 2018 auction

It is being said that Dhoni visited India Cement’s office and he had a meeting with former BCCI president N Srinivasan and it has created a sensation on social media over MS Dhoni in IPL 2018 auction.

“I think MS is one of the hottest properties in Indian sports. In recent memory, there are hardly any cricketers of Dhoni’s stature and he is an icon. Dhoni has steered the Chennai Super Kings over the years. His captaincy with India & performances on a continuous basis are unmatchable in Indian cricket, stars come & go but few retain their value like MS Dhoni. In the current Indian team, only Virat Kohli can be compared to MS Dhoni. In terms of brand value, however, Kohli is ahead of MS Dhoni but as a cricketer, Dhoni is the anchor & spirit of any team that he is a part of”, said brand guru Harish Bijoor.

Nikhil agrees, “Dhoni will be in the top 5 most sought-after players in the IPL. He has leadership qualities that speak for itself and he is a match winner for any team. Without a doubt, a lot of teams will go after Dhoni as he is a leader. Especially in IPL, the bulk of most teams have Indian players so you need that Indian leader and a lot of teams will go after him.”

Now the question is can the newly formed team retain the same set of players or will be shuffled and even if it happened then who will be in which team? Will be interesting. Currently, all players have to go through from auction pool despite few team will sustain their icon player even in IPL auction 2018.

MS Dhoni in IPL 2018 auction

“I think the 2-year suspension will affect brand CSK. They may want to reinvent their magic and bids may be led by CSK in order to recreate that brand. It is all the more important for Chennai to retain Dhoni than other teams as they are returning after a gap of 2 years and public memory is short”, says Harish Baijoor. “I think the fan base makes a lot of difference and franchisees have to take care of their marketing & commercial activities. Revenue generation for the teams matters so they want to retain their identifiable match winners and build a team around them. Dhoni is one such player”, adds Nikhil.

MS Dhoni achievement for Chennai Super Kings

Since the beginning of IPL in 2008 MS started his IPL journey as a captain of team CSK till it dissolved in 2016. The team won 2 titles and 4 times runner-up under Dhoni captaincy never any team or captain except Dhoni has touched these feet. Entering 6 times out of 8 seasons in IPL final has been unmatched. It will be interesting if MS resumes his service for team CSK but we have to wait for MS Dhoni in IPL 2018 auction.

MS Dhoni in IPL 2018 auction

Baijoor says if Dhoni does go up for auction, money is sure to chase him. “Teams would want to retain 2-3 players, the reality is that those 2-3 players can get lost, so if they lose what they have they would want to gain someone of equal stature & Dhoni will be highly sought after. The money will chase Dhoni, good money will chase good players. Club of these anchor players is not too large”, explains brand guru Harish Bijoor.


PLAYER              AMOUNT           TEAM       YEAR

Yuvraj Singh      Rs 16 crore          Delhi               2015

Virat Kohli         Rs 15 crore          Bangalore       2017

Ben Stokes         Rs 14.5 crore      Pune                 2017

Yuvraj Singh      Rs 14 crore          Bangalore       2014

MS Dhoni           Rs 12.5 crore      Pune                 2016

We should no surprise that CSK wants MS Dhoni, India Cements MD N Srinivasan had said in the media “If you are a CSK fan and are a cricket aficionado, you want to see MS Dhoni leading the side again in 2018. You want him to walk out wearing yellow. There is every possibility of that happening and next year we will be back with a bang”.