IPL 2018 Start Date

IPL 2018 Start Date

IPL 2018 Start Date: India once again is ready to host IPL 11 which will start on 7th April and will end on 27th May. Team CSK (Chennai Super Kings) and RR (Rajasthan Royals) will continue their journey in IPL season 11 after serving 2 years of the ban is probably the most eye-catching news for the viewers. The IPL 2018 start date and the overall schedule has declared by IPL governing council on Monday.

So, the answer to the question “When IPL 2018 will start?” has covered from the first line, but there is some more interesting news here below for IPL 2018 and IPL 2018 beginning date and are as follows:

  • Mumbai will host the first & final match of IPL 2018
  • The IPL governing council also has decided to change the timing of the matches (match timing will overlap on weekends)
  • Total 578 players will participate in IPL auction and among which 360 will be Indian cricketers.

Now probably you may have stressed your eyebrow when you noticed “change the timing of the matches” and “timing will overlap”. Let me clarify, so here the thing is “The IPL governing council has decided to shift the start of the matches, which were scheduled to begin at 8 pm and 4 pm earlier.” It means Live broadcast of 8 pm game will be shifted to 7 pm and 4 pm game will be shifted to 5:30 pm. It means match timing will certainly collapse on Saturday and Sunday.

This declaration has surely made you a little bit uncomfortable but this is true. Maybe due to their business strategy or something else anyway, this is none of our business. Probably you may have the same question below we have collected a random comment.

How do you watch two games on two channels at the same time? There will be a considerable shift in viewers share from one game to another. Until one game finishes, the other one should not be started.

The broadcaster has requested for a change in timings. By and large, the GC has accepted it. It gets too late in the night if the game starts at 8 pm,” said IPL chairman Rajeev Shukla after the GC meeting here.

Former Indian Cricketer Saurav Ganguly who was supposed to attend the meeting but for some reason he was unavailable and these decisions have made in absence of Ganguly.

As far as the doubleheaders on weekends are concerned. The 4 pm game will now be played at 5.30pm. There will be an overlap but the broadcaster says it has enough channels to show the games simultaneously,” Shukla said further.