ICC world cup 2023

The ICC cricket world cup 2023 will be the 13th edition of the ICC cricket world cup, scheduled to be hosted by India in 2023. Tentatively it shall start from 9  February 2023 and will end up to 26 March 2023.

Although ICC World Cup 2023 is long long away, even ICC World Cup 2019 is approx 3 months away, still it has written just for the sake of awareness purpose.

This is to inform you that unlike ICC World Cup 2011 which was held in Asia Continent (India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh) every match will be hosted in India.

To let you reach basic information prior to 2011, in 1987 India and Pakistan jointly hosted  (known as the Reliance Cup 1987). After 1987 again India and Pakistan jointly hosted 1996 Cricket World Cup was known as Wills World Cup 1996.

Qualification for the 2023 World Cup is a huge priority‘ – Graham Ford

Unfortunately Ireland could not qualify in World Cup 2019, so Graham Ford (current coach of Ireland Team) has expressed his views on qualifying ICC World Cup 2023.

It is a busy year for our cricketers, but also an exciting and challenging phase for Cricket Ireland” said Ford. “Achieving results is something we all want but there is also an understanding of the importance of bringing through some of the younger lads. Their progress is vital to our cricketing future.”

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